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    You Can Receive The Products With The Fastest Speed And Lowest Cost Compared With Our Competitors.

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    All Kinds Of Machining Parts From Every Industry

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    Every Product You Receive Is Checked By Our Quality Inspectors.

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Why Choose Us

  • Over 8 years of experience

    Since 2013, we have over eight years for servicing the customers and there is no complaints. And we also have machining experiences to ensure the every process without mistakes.

  • Excellent staff team

    Every employee has graduated from casting or processing majors and has rich processing experience. Many engineers have obtained relevant senior title certificates.

  • Strict control of products quality

    We inspect every step in the product processing process to reduce product scrap and improve production efficiency. And for products with high processing difficulty and strict tolerance requirements, we will package and ship after full inspection.

Our Blog

  • Machining accuracy knowledge required for machining

    Machining accuracy is the degree to which the actual size, shape and position of the surface of the machined parts conform to the ideal geometric parameters required by the drawings. The ideal geometric parameter, for the size, is the average size; for the surface geometry, it is the absolute cir...

  • 24 kinds of metal materials and their characteristics commonly used in machinery and mold processing!

    1. 45-high-quality carbon structural steel, the most commonly used medium-carbon quenched and tempered steel Main features: The most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel, with good comprehensive mechanical properties, low hardenability, and easy to crack during water quenching....

  • CNC lathe machining process skills

    CNC lathe is a kind of high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. The use of CNC lathe can improve machining efficiency and create more value. The emergence of CNC lathe has made enterprises get rid of the backward processing technology. The technology of CNC lathe processing is c...

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